Oregon Trip

This past month I had the privilege of making an epic road trip through Oregon. I brought a friend with me named Seth. My reasons for going were to visit the Luis Palau Headquarters in Portland, visit my old friend Virgil, and get to see some gorgeous countryside! Additionally, I was able to time it during an outreach that was taking place at the University of Oregon in Eugene. My adventure included a few surprises!

My biggest take aways were the new and old relationships as well as feeling God’s heart for the people of this state.



We rolled into Eugene early in the morning and started off the day by attending a leaders’ breakfast where we heard from Francis Chan and the Palau brothers. There was an outreach planned that evening at the University. In the pictures below you will see me with Andrew Palau on the left in the picture and Kevin on the right. These are the sons of Luis and it was an honor to meet and talk with them. During the day, my friend Seth and I went around the campus evangelizing students and inviting them to the event that night called COME AND SEE: Stories of Hope. When the doors opened there was a line of students waiting and they packed out the auditorium!! Over 600 students came out to hear the gospel! Francis Chan and Andrew Palau preached and Phil Wickham led worship. At the end, they counted 39 students who filled out a decision card to give their lives to Christ that night!!! The last picture is of me, Seth, and Jacob a student (wearing the Punisher shirt). We had shared the gospel with Jacob that day and he wound up coming to the event and recommitting his life to Christ. Praise the Lord! (click thumbnails to enlarge)

Second Stop | My Friend Virgil

My friend Virgil and I have known each other for over 10 years. He is a Bay Area native but moved up near Portland for work a few years ago. It was awesome to reunite. Below see me relaxing on his couch… then I visited his gym where he teaches boxing and martial arts. Shawn, the owner of the gym, was complaining of a recent knee injury. So I prayed for his knee (He wasn’t a Christian and seemed a bit awkward about it.) Virgil just texted me that the owner experienced an “exponential increase” in his knee’s recovery after that.. and that now I’m famous at the gym. Glory to God! One of the other days, we visited a nearby coffee shop called INSOMNIA.

Love you Virgil!

Pittock Mansion

We went on an epic hike through intermittent rain to a hill where Pittock Mansion, a hundred year old monument, overlooks the city of Portland. Oregon has some breath taking scenery. Pictured below: Seth and me along the hike, mossy storybook forest, and a great city shot of me looking at Portland.

Last Stop | Portland

Towards the end of the journey we spent the last day in Portland. Our first stop was to the Luis Palau world headquarters. (Located in Beaverton just outside Portland.)  Tom Mueller, below next to me in the first picture, gave us the full tour and talked about all the exciting work that they are doing in holding Festivals around the world and equipping churches and other evangelists. After that we moseyed along Portland’s waterfront, visited some coffee shops, and checked out the Deschutes brewery. That night after saying goodbye to Virgil, we stayed with a new friend Kirk Petersen and his family (last picture). Kirk is one of the regional directors for the Alpha course ministry. We had met in Eugene during the outreach and they were kind enough to welcome us right in!

And just for fun…

We stopped at In-N-Out and Bethel Church on our way back!!

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