Reaching the leaders of tomorrow

Colleges are factories of ideology. It is on these hallowed grounds that the future leaders of society are being molded. Abraham Lincoln once said, “The philosophy of the classrooms of today will be the philosophy of the government of tomorrow.” These men and women are being taught to buy into a worldview. And that view will either include God and his kingdom … or it won’t!

We believe it is critical to preach the gospel on college campuses. Zac Linton has spent over five years personally preaching the gospel on Sproul Plaza at UC Berkeley in California. This is one of the most liberal and hostile campuses in America… which is exactly where the gospel belongs.

We want to see gospel movements sparked on campuses across California. In the years ahead we will be preaching, holding crusades, and training students to take ownership of their campus for Jesus. For more information on college outreaches and how you can be involved, contact us.