Transform the world.


Every day people around the world live in suffering and misery and slip into eternity without salvation because there are not enough people or resources to reach them with the gospel of Jesus Christ.


Overflow Ministries exists to transform the world with the gospel of Jesus Christ. Our vision is to win one million souls to Christ. Our reach is global and includes outreaches, crusades and equipping in California and the nations of the world. Our strategy is to win souls via colleges, churches, crusades, creative arts and curriculum. We believe that the Holy Spirit will confirm the gospel with signs and wonders. At present we have held outreaches on the University of California, Berkeley campus, in Kenya, in India, in Nicaragua and in Taiwan. Many additional nations are opening up to the gospel and waiting for us to come. We collaborate with local churches and ministries in all of our evangelistic efforts to ensure discipleship and follow up.


Since the inception of this ministry in 2013, our founder evangelist Zac Linton has preached the gospel around the world. On the University of California in Berkeley, Zac preached over one hundred sermons on the steps of Sproul Plaza over the course of four years to thousands of students and saw some saved. During crusades with churches in California and in nations like Kenya, Nicaragua, Taiwan and India, we have seen hundreds come to Christ. We have also seen many healings including blind eyes and deaf ears opening, cripples walking, demonic possession cured, cancer and tumors disappearing, and numerous emotional and mental illnesses made well.


We believe God calls all of his followers to, “Go into all the world and make disciples of all nations.” Some are called to go and some are called to sow. You can join us in this work by giving financially, by joining an outreach or mission trip, by volunteering to serve this ministry, or by joining our intercessory prayer team.