Our Team

Our team includes people from across the Body of Christ, united by the common goal to lift up the Lord Jesus and see his gospel preached to the nations.

Overflow Ministries is a 501(c)(3) religious non profit, and a member of the Next Generation Alliance, a Luis Palau ministry.


Zac Linton founded Overflow Ministries in order to preach the gospel to the nations. He has spent over ten years as an active evangelist in San Francisco, UC Berkeley, Kenya, India, Nicaragua, and Taiwan.


[Open Position] We are currently looking for someone to fill this role to assist with all operational needs of the ministry.


Rand Tucker is the senior pastor of Hyde Park Vineyard Church in Chicago, IL. He has known Zac for over ten years and provides ongoing counsel, prayer and support. More info

Chris Leeper is the director of 40 Days of Hope, a statewide network of prayer and revival in California. He provides ongoing prayer and counsel. More info

Sean Fitzhugh is the senior pastor of Oak Park Christian Center in Pleasant Hill, CA. He is a friend of Zac’s and the two meet regularly for prayer, ministry discussion, and chess! More info

Elbert Paul is a business consultant to Christian donors through NCF. He was Zac’s pastor almost twenty years ago and brings wisdom and a prophetic voice to the church. He and Zac meet for prayer and counsel. More info


Pastor Curtis Fleming (Westlands Community Church, Oakland, CA)

Rev. Michael Dowling (San Francisco House of Prayer, SF, CA)

Pastor Chris Vinculado (Good News Fellowship, Daly City, CA)

Pastor Ed Gonzales (Victory Outreach, San Francisco, CA)

Mark Bellingham (business owner, Moraga, CA)

Kirk Usher (former business colleague, San Francisco, CA)

Pastor Joe Kim (NAOS House of Prayer, Berkeley, CA)

Pastor Nathan Wesson (Livingwater Church, Berkeley, CA)

Evangelist Steven Uggen (Firebase Movement – Minneapolis, MN)

Evangelist Andrew Mutana (Global Impact Ministries – Nairobi, Kenya)

Richard and Lydia Zziwa (Founders of Love Foundation Kenya, Nairobi)

Trevor Tychon (Connect Africa Ministries, Kampala, Uganda)

Evangelist Hamilton Filmalter (River of Life Ministries, Los Angeles, CA)

Pastor Martin Diaz (Cristo Todo Poderoso, San Leandro, CA)

Tom Mueller (Luis Palau association, Portland, OR)