Words like Fire | Miracle Crusades

2019-2020 | Berkeley | Los Angeles |


UC Berkeley, October 22-25, 2019

Los Angeles in Spring of 2020!

What is a miracle crusade?

2015 Berkeley Crusade | 2016 Nicaragua Crusade | 2018 Berkeley Crusade

This is an evangelistic crusade where we will be preaching the gospel of Jesus Christ. The gospel means “good news.” The message of salvation, healing, hope, fulfillment, and God’s kingdom will be proclaimed. The event will also feature music / worship, testimonies, creative expressions.

Do you need a miracle? Are you sick? Are you terrified or in despair? Are you lost and separated from God?

This event is for you.

Key Verse: “Is not my word like a fire and like a hammer that breaks the rocks in pieces?” – Jeremiah 23:29

Current Event Status

UC Berkeley – planning / preparation

USC – estimated Spring 2020