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  1. Zack:

    Thank you for your gift of ministry to the world. Please accept my tithe donation/monthly contribution to your emerging ministry which I make from the heart and, in faith that your work will bear plentiful.

    I pray for you everyday, that the gift of the Lord Our God will live strong in you and lead many to Christ by your hand and that your reach will grow long in His word.

    I thank you – from the bottom of my heart – for returning my son, Zachary Surunis, to his righteous and just life; resurrected in Christ and delivered from Satan, who tried – but failed – to vanquish his soul. This I will never forget and will always be appreciative.

    Through divine interception, I believe you came upon Zachary’s path And continue to bend his spirit towards the Lord, Our God, and fashion him in the likeness of Emmanuel. May He live strong in Zachary Alexander Surunis for the remainder of our days in this life on Earth and beyond.☦️

    I also wish you – and your family – the holiest and happiest of holiday seasons and a MERRY CHRISTMAS!

    In love of Yehoshua – A Child is Born in Bethlehem!

    With faith in your courage, conviction and His power in your voice.

    Christ Charles Surunis

    • Thank you Christ. It is an honor to serve the Lord Jesus. I am so happy at the way he has been transforming your family. 🙂

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