The Gathering | On Hiatus Until Fall 2017

We meet at Peet’s Coffee on Dwight and Telegraph.

The Gathering is a Christian ministry at UC Berkeley.

the gathering

Schedule | Agenda

6:30pm – 8pm Tuesdays.


Seeking the Lord | Current Teaching Series  |  download overview


#1 – Break Up Your Fallowed Ground  |  download  &  Finney sermon

This series begins with an honest examination of our heart’s true state. Understanding the foundational truth that unless seed is sown on soft ground, the seed is going to produce nothing.

#2 – Ask, Seek, Knock  |  download

Seeking is not optional. Jesus teaches us to seek until we find. How often have we given up? We will look at some of the barriers to consistently seeking the things of God and the promises to those who persevere.

#3 – Transformed in the Secret Place  |  download

Have you read the Psalms and noticed how often they cry out about injustice, pain, suffering or difficulty? Have you noticed that they don’t end the way they begin? There’s a place of transformation for you.

#4 – Fullness of Joy  |  download

If you have found yourself to be without joy and passion, the truth is you are not seeking the Lord’s presence. In His Presence, there is fullness of joy. We will look at how to break through all oppression.

#5 – Worship & Revelation  |  download

Jesus often used creation to teach profound truths. We will examine how worship and revelation are meant to be inspired through creation. (Romans 1:20, Psalm 8)

#6 – To Know Him is Eternal Life  |  download

The apostle John writes that spiritual fathers are the ones who have, “Known him who is from the beginning.” Can you honestly say that you know Him? This is the eternal goal of maturity in the faith.

What is The Gathering?

This is a gathering of people who want to know what it means to follow Jesus Christ and be his disciple. Discipleship does not happen by accident. It takes intentionality, love, willingness, and action. Whether you already consider yourself a Christian or are not even sure yet, you are welcome to begin here.

It’s an informal setting in a cafe. This is for a number of reasons. We want you to know that God can meet with you anywhere. Christianity doesn’t just happen at a church building. The word church “ecclesia” actually is best translated… gathering or assembly of saints. This can happen anywhere. The Bible teaches that we are living stones. We are the church (if you are a true follower of Jesus). I prefer meeting in everyday places for the simple reason that it prevents people from compartmentalizing their faith to a building or one setting. This is a grave error. Meeting in public places also facilitates evangelism in a powerful and natural way.

We hope you will make some friendships with others as you learn more about God’s Word. We believe that God’s Word will challenge you and can be offensive at times to our way of thinking. It’s the role of a disciple to allow God’s Word to transform our lives instead of picking and choosing what we want to believe and obey. We also believe in the power of the Holy Spirit and the supernatural gifts such as healing, miracles, and prophecy. We believe that the Bible is God’s infallible truth to mankind.

Jesus sat with his disciples and taught them. This is the same model we will use here.

Who can come

Open to anyone who is a student or recent graduate of UC Berkeley, or who lives in the Berkeley area and wants to be discipled. If you have questions about Christianity or simply want to learn more, please come.


Overflow ministries was started by Zac Linton an evangelist from the Bay Area, California. Zac has had a calling to preach the gospel since seeing his first miracles and mass salvations at youth camp at age 15. He has been through Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, served as an outreach pastor at a church in San Francisco for 5 years and led numerous outreaches into the city of San Francisco and beyond. Zac has a passion for souls coming to know Christ and for activating believers to live an overcoming Christian life full of the power of the Holy Spirit. Zac has traveled to India, Central America, and the UK to preach the gospel and is also a minister on the college campus of UC Berkeley.


Questions about faith: