The Gospel On Sproul | Tuesdays 12-2pm | Sproul Plaza, UC Berkeley


The Gospel On Sproul is a weekly outreach to the students of UC Berkeley to bring them the message of Jesus Christ and his kingdom. Its heartbeat is evangelism and that the gospel would be proclaimed publicly with power and miraculous signs.

The vision is that no student would pass through Berkeley without hearing the gospel with clarity and power. The devil’s stranglehold on this campus is being broken in Jesus’ name! There will be a great harvest of souls for the glory of God.


Many students will never set foot in the church or a campus group. What are we doing to reach them? Sproul Plaza is the heart of campus where historically protests and great movements have been kindled. It’s time for the church to arise in boldness and for the Third Great Awakening to be birthed. Jesus never called us to be timid, weak, or ashamed of our faith. It’s time for America to reclaim what made her great in the first place ~ the public, bold declaration of the only message with power to save this nation.

Some have asked if this is effective. And I will reply with Jesus’ words, “A tree is recognized by its fruit.” I have personally seen numerous people come to Christ; I’ve been cursed at and mocked; I’ve had many Christians come up and say that they are so encouraged that someone is preaching the gospel. Why have we as Christians surrendered the public square to every other voice but the voice of truth?


Publicly preaching the Word of God in the plaza is the means. We will also have focused outreaches with other Christian students on campus in the form of one on one evangelism, prayer, or other strategic initiatives led by the Holy Spirit.

If you are a group or individual interested in evangelism on campus, we would be happy to lead you in effective, bold outreach. We provide training and activation. Please get into contact with us for further information.


Overflow ministries was started by Zac Linton an evangelist from the Bay Area, California. Zac has had a calling to preach the gospel since seeing his first miracles and mass salvations at youth camp at age 15. He has been through Bethel’s School of Supernatural Ministry, served as an outreach pastor at a church in San Francisco for 5 years and led numerous outreaches into the city of San Francisco and beyond. Zac has a passion for souls coming to know Christ and for activating believers to live an overcoming Christian life full of the power of the Holy Spirit. Zac has traveled to India, Central America, and the UK to preach the gospel and is also a minister on the college campus of UC Berkeley.

We are happy to partner with other ministries at UC Berkeley for the joint purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission to reach this campus for Christ.


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